Blue Man


The visual appeal

What stands out the most in the blue man group performances is that there are only a few moments when you think to yourself and say ‘what is going on?’ and that is a good thing, which indicates that they have reached the ultimate threshold in terms of dramatic climax when the audience is being stimulated in so many ways that it almost pushes past the capacity of perception which could be processed or absorbed all at once from the aesthetic experience. It becomes an immersive experience rather than something to think about. They use toilet paper in the crowd, huge balloons, colourful liquid, percussive music, digital music and a variety of props, the audience is confused and not knowing what to expect as it reached some form of controlled chaos. Any show which is more than two hours long is not going to be perfect at every moment for every person, but for it to lead to heightened dramatic climaxes makes any lacklustre moments forgivable.

The musical effects

The other highlight is music, and most importantly it is running live, the arrangements are extraordinarily detailed and tightly choreographed in addition to being rhythmically complex, so it is easy to be amazed by the music but also by the fact that the band must have taken the effort to memorize it. The performers, also known as the blue men, stay on a platform mounted above the stage with glow in the dark outfits. Their drumming style will make you fall in love with their skill and precession of the actual blue men, whenever they did play. It often makes people wonder that what did these guys study or what career paths they took to end up here as this is a very unusual stage hosting specific performances.

musical effects

The theme and content

They incorporate universal and existential themes portraying how our lives are integrated with digital media and technology. Some of the content they put forward is about creating giant interactive surfaces that they could disappear behind and reproject themselves somehow. The Blue Man Group caters to a vast audience. There is never a moment when people are bored or feel restless during the performance; the element of mystery and tension keeps you engaged even if nothing else works. The parts in the performance you don’t like so much, they don’t last so long, and by the end, you still want to see more.


Overall, this can be one of those first shows you can stay engaged during the entire performance or presentation of some sort, whether it was a film, musical or anything else. It is also essential to emphasize that unlike any other performance, it is different to see it in person rather than seeing it on video. However, the tickets are a bit expensive given the fact that the stage takes up a lot of time and resource to be put up in the first place and planning for such a visually appealing show, takes up a lot of support.