American Musical


Musicals have the ability to portray stories in ways which no other form of media can, the genius of the songs can be examined in the lyrics, and the American Broadway is one place where you get to witness this genius.  A musical is supposed to be a metaphorical phenomenon, some kind of mysterious symbolization of our innermost effective existence. It lends itself more to the description is literature and prose rather than in equations.  Broadway has set the standard for the American Dream in the culture of contemporary times, throughout the history of Broadway there have been tons of impactful shows that represent different periods of a particular time and how musical mediums can manage to tell stories that you won’t get anywhere else.  A recent success in Broadway is, of course, Hamilton for quite a variety of reasons.

The core idea

The musical received 16 Tony nominations which prices that they have a concrete formula to captivate audiences. This musical is a massive success on Broadway because it is a story of immigrants comprising of people who arrived in America or the ones who were born in the countryside. History being portrayed or explained as a musical can be a bit odd. Yet, Hamilton resonates with the American people in a way which cannot be found in any other country. Alexander Hamilton is an American musical with tickets for sale in Los Angeles as well as many other U.S. cities but it’s also a musical which anyone outside of America can enjoy or relate to.

American Musical

About the creator

Hamilton first started as an idea by the genius composer Lin Manuel Miranda after developing his previous musical by the name of In the Heights. He showed the opening number to the newly inaugurated president of the United States in 2009. Lin spent a lot of years working on the opening number, and he created Hamilton to develop a musical which could tell a story without being annoying or dragged out. Lin managed to talk about politics and history by beautifully incorporating it within the musical, and he made it a point to make sure that every line would carry substance.

A historical theme

One of the major themes of Hamilton has to do about the legacy of someone and how the past will look for the future, everyone wants to leave something after they die, but the inheritance can be soiled due to people ruining reputations of specific figures. In one shot, Hamilton’s character was colourfully portrayed as a young and exciting man in need of excitement and glory. Still, it also foreshadows the eventual shot which Hamilton will throw away in the battle against Burr in 1804.

Historical theme


Lin was always thrilled about the fact that theatre could have a place in our lives apart from the art page in the newspaper. After its release, Hamilton became a cultural phenomenon, and a smash hit taking Broadway by storm and captivating the entire country.  This musical can have a positive effect on new and young audiences so that they can grow up loving and appreciating art.